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About us

About us

The e-sport4u project started in early 2016, but we had planned to create a site dedicated to host computer games few years earlier.

We are the team of computer game enthusiasts. We have been fascinated with computer games since childhood, so we decided to create an opportunity for every computer game fan to participate in tournaments that will allow people to enjoy competing with other gamers from all over the world, and help them develop their skills and test their chances in the world of e-Sports. In addition, each of you has a chance not only to enjoy the winnings, but also to climb the e-sport ranking and win attractive prizes!

Our platform was created for you, hence the name e-sport4u (e-sport for you). We would like to share with you our passion and we believe that the product of our efforts will help you to become better players, meet your expectations and provide amazing experience for every computer game lover.

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