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Riot will release a new version of the announcer?

Reddit thread appeared and it says that Riot Games plans to calm down the "toxic" players. How would they do it?

The idea of adding ASMR announcer pack by the producers of League of Legends has appeared on r/leagueoflegends thread. What is ASMR? It is a sensation of a pleasant tingling around the head, neck, upper spine and other parts of the body. These sensations can be triggered by visual, auditory and tactile incentives. It may be accompanied by relaxation or stress discharge. Probably that is the reason why Riot would want to make such a thing available. Would the whispering or silent speaking of the announcer calm our players and make them less toxic?

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The voices of toxic champions such as Riven, Zoe or Yasuo would also be modulated to ASMR. This option would be available in the next preseason patch. Players with level 0 or 1 honor would be forced to listen to the ASMR commentator, while for players with a higher level this would be optional.

The demo version of this package can be viewed or heard here:

However, this is not confirmed anywhere, so far it's probably only the redditers' idea. How do you like it?





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