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Leakage of the new champion's skills?

We know what a new character will look like in League of Legends!

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A new champion - Neeko the curious chameleon - will join Legend of League. Let's face it, we have not seen a new champion in one of the most popular MOBA games for a long time.

Neeko was born on a remote and largely unknown island, far to the east, where the last members of an ancient vastayan tribe remained isolated from the rest of the world. They were called the Oovi-Kat, and could trace their lineage generation by generation back to the legendary Vastayashai’rei—the ancestors of all vastaya - this is only the beginning of her origin history.

As the name suggests, Neeko has the ability to become other champions. The trailer also reveals that her first skin will be something like Snowdown skin.

You can see the champion trailer here:


What's more, you can check out the skills presented in the following video:

How do you like new champ?



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