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FIX PUBG Campaign

The Goal of FIX PUBG

  • Provide the best gameplay experience possible through client and server performance optimization

  • Ensure fair gameplay with more efficient anti-cheat solutions using all available means

  • Smarter and faster matchmaking through improved matchmaking logic

  • Fix bugs that degrade the experience while applying long-requested QOL improvements

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Main improvements:

  • Client Performance

  • Server Performance

  • Current goals for matchmaking

    • Provide a stable gaming environment by matching players with similar Ping.

    • Provide a fair gaming environment by matching users with a similar skill level (in relation to MMR, not Rank).

    • Set-up for players using the same language to be placed on the same team.

    • Ensure large-scale play with 100 players to maximize the fun of the Battle Royale experience.

    • Minimize wait times as best as possible while fulfilling the above requirements.

  • Anti-cheat

  • Bug Fixing / QOL Improvements


Do you think guys that after 3 months of FIX PUBG we’ve got actually better game?

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