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Edward will not play on the professional scene anymore?

Yes, he ends up playing, but in favor of a new position, also related to gaming.

Edward "Edward" Abgaryan, associated mainly with Moscow Five, Gambit Gaming and previously known as GosuPepper, will return to European scene as assistant coach in the Rogue team. It's official since yesterday.


Edward says that this is one of the most difficult decisions that he has made, he couldn't sleep at nights. It was difficult for him to make this decision because he still likes and feels like a player. It is, however, a step forward for him and a good chance to become a professional coach someday - in Gambit Gaming he was not only a player, but also a captain and shotcaller. Now in Rogue he will have the chance to learn coaching and gain some experience alongside a new coach who is not known yet.

The full statement of Edward (source:

"This offseason was one of the hardest for me in terms of making a decision. I spent a couple weeks thinking about my situation non-stop with countless sleepless nights.

I received a lot of offers to continue playing and I still enjoyed playing. I realized that I could keep on playing as long as my passion for the game was there but I knew I had to take the next step in life and move forward. After leaving the EU LCS because of work visa issues in 2015, I joined LCL (Russian League) and played one year for Vega Squadron and one and a half years for Gambit Gaming. My role was the team captain and shotcaller for both teams. During that time, I took on a few coaching tasks and enjoyed talking with my teammates about the game to help them understand the game deeper and better. I could always see the result of my work and this influenced my decision to become a coach. I’m confident that I will be a good players coach one day. Thanks to Rogue I have the opportunity now to learn this new role and gain experience as an Assistant Coach.
I hope that all of my fans and people who followed my playing career will keep supporting me in my new role and will start cheering for my new team!"


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