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NetEase revealed Blizzard's esport plans for 2019

720k dollars on the Warcraft III Series?

NetEase Games, a Chinese Internet technology company, revealed a bit of plans for the next year of our beloved Blizzard. They mainly concern such games as Hearthstone, Starcraft II, Warcraft III and Heroes of the Storm.

NetEase intends to allocate 5 million yens (720k $) to the prize pool for Warcraft III games. What's more - the main prize in the EU vs. CN Hearthstone International 2019 tournament will be McLaren ... who would have expected?

Plans related to esport were announced at Suzhou conference, where one of the representatives of NetEase, Ye Pang reported, among other things, that the company intends to create a special competition system for all Blizzard eSports. Tournaments will be held in different cities, different team competitions .. In addition, the company wants to create an integrated promotion system that will allow ordinary players to become professionals.

Warcraft III - as we mentioned earlier, company will provide 720,000 dollars, besides they also introduce new team competition, also the system will be similar to that of the years 2002-2010 with WarCraft III Champions League Series (WC3L).

Hearthstone - the grand prize is a car? And not just regular car but McLaren. For such prizes, it is worth to go nerdy for online card games :) The situation for the winner will be similar to that in 2018, where dutch player Thijs "Thijs" Molendiijk from G2 Esports received Aston Martin, continuing the tradition, started in 2015.
What else? There will be Hearthstone 3v3 offline professional team league!

And what about our Storm Heroes? NetEase will continue operating Heroes of the Storm, while the StarCraft II competition system will be improved and optimized.


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