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Astralis winning EPL

Danish team won 8th season of ESL Pro League.

This is not the end of Astralis' successes, as the Danes also won Intel Grand Slam series worth one million dollars. In total, they made $ 1 250 000 for the organization!

On December 4-9, the finals of ESL Pro League 8 were held in Odense, Denmark. Can you imagine this chanting of winning Lukas "gla1ve" Rossander's people? Astralis once again dominates, winning two best podium places. Let us remind you that before that triumph they won Esports Championship Series 6 season. The bonus million went to Astralis account, because they met the requirement of the organizers, which consisted in winning the four most prestigious tournaments organized by ESL and DreamHack. What are the tournaments? DreamHack Marseille 2018, ESL Pro League 7, IEM Chicago and ESL Pro League 8. In the last one mentioned Astralis played in the final with Team Liquid, in the BO5 system, finally defeating the Americans 3: 1 (Train 8:16, Mirage 16:11, Inferno 16:11, Dust 2 16:10)

Here's how the final classification of ESL Pro League 8 presented itself:
1. Astralis - $ 250,000 + $ 1,000,000 (Intel Grand Slam)
2. Team Liquid - $ 110,000
3-4. mousesports - $ 55,000
3-4. MIBR - $ 55,000

If someone missed and would like to see at least one map, repeat below:


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