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The government in China bans some of the games?

Paladins Hi-Rez has issued a statement regarding games allegedly banned in China as a result of the latest ethics review in the country.

President of Hi-Rez Studios said: "Tencent is working with the government to manage Paladins in China, including full game support and the entire interface." At this time, Hi-Rez can not confirm or deny the government ban report and can not offer any information on corrective actions. "

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If you do not know this story, it's time to bring it closer. Earlier this month, the Chinese government established an Online Ethics Committee to review online games for compliance with the social and ethical principles of the country. From 20 popular online games reportedly included in the first batch, 11 have been asked to take corrective action to resolve the committee's problems. The remaining 9 games did not complete the review, and now it is allegedly forbidden in the country.

This is at least according to the Reddit thread, which refers to Chinese NGA game forum as its original source.

Many games produced by Tencent or NetEase are much more popular in the West than in China - these are titles such as League of Legends, Fortnite, Overwatch and several others.

Apart from League Overwatch, Diablo and World of Warcraft also requires "corrective actions". League of Legends has been criticized for "overly revealing female characters" and "inharmonious chat". Overwatch, Diablo and WoW are also full of dodgy chats in the game.

A further list includes a group of six games that have been banned completely: PUBG, Fortnite H1Z1, even Tencent's Ring of Elysium is banned because it shows a "blood and gore". The strangest thing is the ban for Fortnite, in which we do not witness any drop of blood.

Paladins, one of Hi-Rez shooters, was also completely banned, just like the battle royale and League of Legends for combining "overly revealing female characters, blood and gore and vulgar content."

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