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Survivor Pass: Vikendi

PUBG’s newest Battleground, Vikendi, is officially live and you can gear up for it with the all-new Survivor Pass!

Check out the video below for a quick overview or read on for all the details!

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As before, all players will have access to the basic Survivor Pass for free, which allows everybody to bring home some sweet new looks. Each level earned also gives a brand new Coupon, which can be used to purchase items from the Coupon Shop available during the Survivor Pass period. For those who want everything the pass has to offer, a Premium Survivor Pass may be purchased for $9.99 which gives access to over 60 exclusive skins and emotes as well as great rewards for completing premium missions. You can see which rewards are unlocked at each level by viewing the pass in the client or on the Survivor Pass microsite.


To participate, simply play the game and complete Survivor Pass missions to earn XP and level up your pass. There are Beginner, Daily, Weekly, Premium, and Challenge missions available, but some missions and rewards are only available to Premium pass holders. Progress your pass as far as you can during the 10 week period and claim your awesome new rewards!


You can read more details here.

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