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Balance changes - december

Will it be the best nerfs in HS's history?

On December 19, Hearthstone will release a new patch, which will probably be the most important update in the game for a long time. According to the producers, such balance has a positive impact on the longevity of the game in both modes: Standard and Wild. Will this happen? We will probably see soon. What exactly is going to be a breakthrough in card changes?

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Wild Growth - Mana cost increased to 3 from 2

The card is considered by many to be one of the better, not the best Hearthstone cards. In the current and previous meta there was no druid deck in which there was no Wild Growth.


Nourish - Mana cost increased to 6 out of 5

Another key card that found application in many decks will get a nerf. Nourish was literally everywhere, from control decks through the combo ending with the mid-range ones. Here's how Blizzard explains purpose of nerfs: the card was a certain foundation around which the deck was built, which in turn would destroy the players' creativity in the way the decking was built. In part, this is true, but the main reason is that Wild Growth is a card that is too good and too flexible.


Level Up! - Mana cost increased to 6 out of 5

Increasing the mana cost is a nerf directly in Odd Paladin. It can completely remove the deck from the meta, but as they say - time will show.


Saronite Chain Gang - Description: Battlecry: Summon another Saronite Chain Gang.


Quote: "Shudderwock brings an interesting combo to the table, but playing Shudderwock multiple times in a single game can be frustrating. Changing Saronite Chain Gang makes playing multiple Shudderwocks in a game much more difficult. Shudderwock should now exist as a powerful one-turn effect rather than constantly copying itself with Saronite Chain Gang’s Battlecry."

Nothing more nothing less.


Leeching Poison - Cost reduced from 2 to 1 Description: Give your weapon lifesteal this turn.

Nerf hitting directly in Rogue using Kingsbane. The weapon, which during the game was full of reinforcements and strengthened by Leeching Poison meant that Rogue was unstoppable in the later stages of the game.

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How do you like the changes? Is this the best balancing patch that came out to this?


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