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A new mode and the ability to play with three people at Fortnite

More and more Epic Games plans are coming to be seen the light of day.

Along with the information about the new seasonal event (14 days of Fortnite, on which new, unlimited time game modes will be launched), we learned that Fornite's producers want to enter the classic mode and the ability to play in three.


It's time to clarify - what will this classic mode mean?

Once upon a time Fortnite looked completely different. Ever since entering the video game industry it has been through many changes, to the extent that we are now playing on a completely different map than the one played at the beginning. Classic mode will bring back memories and arouse the sentiment of the first players of the famous Battle Royale, because they will have the opportunity to play on the first map, where we will probably see old poppers and other elements from the first two seasons. In addition, we will be able to take part in the solo, duo, squads (with four people), as well as in three (3v3).

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The 14-day Fortnite event runs from today (December 19).



02.01.2019 09:19
Nice,its a little bit hard to read the text because its small
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