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Fnatic announces Academy Roster

Fnatic officially presents us their new line-up for academy

On the official website of the Fnatic team we can read very interesting information. To swedish organization will join:

- TOP: Shikari @ShikariLoL

- JNG: Dan @FNC_Dan

- MID: MagiFelix @MagiFelixLoL

- ADC: xMatty @xMattyyLoL
- SUP: Prosfair @Prosfair

- COACH: @jandrofvp

Who is the 'new' five in Fnatic?

Shikari and Prosfair along with the Misfits academy have won the Forge of Champions 2018 Summer Grand Finals. 'Rabbits' won with Diabolus Esports 3: 2.

In the bottom line we are going to see xMatty, who was previously a member of the French team Gentside Esports Club.

Dan is already known to the Fnatic community. His adventure at the academy could be observed at the beginning of February 2017.

The last player is MagiFelix or MagiFaker (Kappa). Player with 5 accounts in Challenger on the EUW server.

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