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18-19.05.2019 tournaments on e-sport4u

Check out how many reports we resolved last weekend.

Results are as presented:


Brawlhalla EU #39:

1. MACHÈÈÈÈTÉ - taking 60$

2. DMVINKE - taking 30$

3. NAI - taking 10$


Brawlhalla US #39:

1. THICCSPICC - taking 60$

2. PARALLEL - taking 30$

3. ZEXIS - taking 10$



1. REGNSKOG - taking 12.5$

2. PAWIAS - taking 5$


Our players took 217.5 $ in total. Today I've also got interesting info about reports. In Brawlhalla EU we had 109 players and we resolved 79 reports. In Brawlhalla US we had 69 players and we resolved 36 reports. In Hearthstone we had 30 players and we resolved 18 reports. So totally we had 208 players and 133 reports. It means that statisticaly every pair reported their game once and some twice. Be sure we come to all our reported rooms but sometimes we have too much of them at the same time. Please be patient and look at the bracket.

We hope to see you next time: sign up.


25.05.2019 09:24
I am from Nepal and cannot get paid from PayPal so is there other way to pay to get prize money
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