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1. What is
What is e-sport4u?
E-sport4u is a service that gives an opportunity to:
• compete with e-sport players from all over the world,
• win prizes,
• make the purchase of gaming equipment at attractive prices (and much more other stuff),
• get acquainted with news from the world of e-sport,
• create a future e-sports community if needed.
2. What are logs?
Logs are your actions taken on the site and messages and system information.
3. How can I earn points?
Points are earned mainly through participation in tournaments. Other activities are also awarded: daily login in and article writing for our site.
A new form of scoring will be available soon. Details coming soon ;)
4. What kind of points can I earn on the site?
There are two types of points:
• points to be exchanged for prizes,
• ranking points that show your ranking position among other players. We expect rewards for the best players in the quarterly or annual ranking.
5. What is a premium account and how do I activate it?
Premium account allows you to gain tripled points earned in regular and sponsored tournaments (only points to be exchanged for prizes can be tripled). You can activate the premium account by purchasing it from the Shop tab or by clicking the BUY PREMIUM button on your profile.
Once you've made a purchase, you can enjoy gaining tripled points for the duration you choose in the Shop. Also, with premium account, you get a bonus of 1000 points for the article posted on the site!
Sometimes there may occur a slight delay caused by server overload or delay. These shouldn't last longer than 10 minutes. If your problem wasn't resolved automatically after this time please contact us by contact form in Contact tab.
You can create your own team in your user profile by clicking 'create team' button. Then you have to choose game for your new team. Good luck!
8. How can I invite a new member to the team?
You complete the team in your team profile in the "Invite team members" section by typing the names of your friends in the box. However, remember that you must first own a team to do so.
9. How can I join the team?
In order to join existing team you have to receive invitation from a team captain. Once you have received it, enter 'user profile' and your invitation should be on the bottom of the site. You just need to accept it and you are all set and ready to start winning :)
10. How can i become a team captain?
You become a team captain automatically, right after you set up a team. You can nominate someone else from your team to become a captain in the team profile.
11. What are the types of tournaments?
There are three types of tournaments:
• regular: allow you to earn ranking points and points to be exchanged for prizes (which you can exchange for prizes in our shop)
• with prizes: allow to earn ranking points, prizes and points to be exchanged for prizes for some of the best players,
• sponsored: allow you to earn ranking points, prizes and points to be exchanged for prizes only for the premium account owners.
12. Why can’t I join a tournament?
• Probably because the tournament is already full,
• you are applying for wrong tournament e.g. as a single person to 5v5 tournament, or other way around - as a team of 5 to 1v1 tournament,
• you did not pay the entry fee for the prize tournament.
13. What happens if I do not reach the tournament on time?
Slight delays up to 10 minutes are acceptable. After this time you or your team loose the match by walkover. Report this as a conflict in the "Match" tab and select the "No Contact" option.
14. What if the internet connection of one of the players is interrupted during a tournament match?
If the entire team or players in a 1v1 tournament lose an Internet connection, the opposing team wins the walkover. Report this as a conflict in the "Match" tab and select the "No Contact" option.
15. Why didn't my position in the ranking update?
Update is scheduled on 5:00 AM CEST Monday.
16. Why do not I get points for tournaments? These to be exchanged for prizes and ranking points?
You probably did not fill out the result of a match or you caused an unnecessary conflict. Remember that even a loser is required to fill out the match result
17. Why prizes in the prize tournament change over time?
The more user are signed up for tournament, the better prizes you can win. Prize list is updating with every new participant.
18. Can i add my own articles to your site?
Sure! Send your articles to our email address [email protected] You can attach your article with graphics or photos. The best e-sports news will be rewarded with points!
19. What do I have to do to join e-sport4u team?
If you are active and competent to perform tasks on the site we will invite you to cooperate!
20. Will there be other games on your site?
Sure! Development of the site will result in new games available for the tournaments.
If you've got any suggestions about certain games, write to us.
21. Can I change my username?
Yes you can. It can be done in your profile.
22. Can I delete my account?
Sure. You just need to send us a request to remove the account through the contact form in the Contact tab, and our team will take care of this as soon as possible.
23. I have a question that is not in your FAQ. How can I contact you?
You can ask us a question in contact form in the CONTACT section.
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