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Modecom MC-831 Rage Red

Main features

  • High quality of surround sound
  • Product friendly to use
  • Exceptional design and the highest quality
Type buy
40000pts  /  20000 pts

High quality of surround sound

MODECOM MC-831 RAGE headphones use the highest-quality diaphragms, which perfectly reflect the spatial sound, especially in action games. In addition, the massive construction of the capsules is an excellent barrier to external sounds. These key features improve the quality of the game, allow the user, among others to instantly locate which side the virtual opponent is approaching or what type of weapon is used by the enemy in the distance. MODECOM MC-831 RAGE is a product that also allows communication with other players during network games. Placed on a special headband, a very sensitive microphone allows you to instantly start a conversation with other users. At any time, the microphone can be turned off using the remote control located on the cable.

Product friendly to use

MODECOM MC-831 RAGE is a product designed in such a way to ensure comfort and pleasant use. While designing this set, special attention was paid to those elements that during use are adjacent to the player's body, i.e. a headband and head cushions. For the sake of maximum comfort, these two key elements are made of pleasant to touch materials that provide comfort even for many hours of intense gaming. In addition, the fully free playing of virtual battles provides a long (2.2 m) and damage-resistant, braided power cable.

Exceptional design and the highest quality

The unique design together with the attractive design of the MC-831 RAGE headphones allow you to feel like you were in fact a fighter pilot or military infantry sent to military missions. Aesthetic qualities are also raised by: made of the highest quality, very durable materials, massive construction and two gold-plated 3.5 mm mini jack tips.


  • Min. Headphone Frequency [Hz]
  • Max Headphone Frequency [Hz]
  • Sensitivity [dB/mW]
  • Impedance [om]
  • Cable length [m]

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