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Genesis Thor 300 TKL US

Main features

  • Indispensable at tournaments
  • Popular switches
  • Backlight for every circumstance
  • Full N-Key rollover
  • It will withstand every journey
Type buy
40000pts  /  20000 pts

Indispensable at tournaments

Many players do not part with their keyboards even when they are forced to play outside their place of residence. Thor 300 TKL was created for them. TKL is an abbreviation of Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard, which is a mechanical keyboard without a numerical part. It is the compact size that makes Thor 300 TKL the perfect device to take with you.

Popular switches

Not only does the size make Thor 300 TKL a great choice for players. There are two versions of the keyboard with the most popular types of switches: blue and red. The choice of a particular model depends also on the backlight: white in the version with red switches, and green in the blue version.

Backlight for every circumstance

Thor 300 TKL has as many as 20 modes of illumination - besides the 10 standard ones, there are also 8 dedicated for the most popular online games genres: FPS, MOBA, CS: GO etc. However, if the user needs a non-standard layout, he can program two additional modes himself.

Full N-Key rollover

What is this tournament keyboard without full Anti-Ghosting, or N-Key rollover technology? By using this feature in the Thor 300 TKL player does not have to worry about the fact that at a crucial moment the device will not send a signal from the keyboard to the computer.

It will withstand every journey

Thor 300 TKL also has many facilities for players, including cable organizer and non-slip rubber feet, so that the mechanic will not slip on the surface during the tournament. In addition, there is an aluminum casing that can withstand the hardships of any journey.


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  • Number of keys
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