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Natec Genesis RX39

Main features

  • Retro lights in 3 colours
  • Anti-Ghosting function
  • Support for Windows wrist and key lock
  • Specially designed for gaming
  • Multimedia buttons
Type buy
17000pts  /  8500 pts


Gaming keyboard with backlight runs in Genesis RX39 product is for players who have a bargain price can enjoy the versatility, durability and modern look.

The keyboard features with features anti-ghosting, which prevents blocking when pressing a few keys simultaneously. This property appreciate every passionate player who wants to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment and comfort.

Backlit keys 
Backlit keys ensure good visibility of key regardless of the time of day. This feature allows you to customize the color keypad backlighting according to their preferences, the user has a choice of three color schemes - red, blue and purple.

Wrist Support 
Keyboard Genesis RX39 is fitted with wrist rests that provide complete comfort even during long-hour use.

Interlock function keys Windows 
Keyboard also includes a key lock feature of Windows, which is especially popular among players. This prevents accidental stopping the game and the transition to the main desktop.

Multimedia keys 
Thanks klávesům use multimedia keyboard is more comfortable and control multimedia functions much easier.

Rugged construction 
Robust construction ensures the necessary stability of the keyboard - the keyboard is not going to move over the surface on which it is built.

Resistant to damage 
Cable remained covered with textile braiding, which increases its resistance and protect it from damage. Connection quality materials, durable membrane keypad ensures longevity keyboard.


  • Number of keys
  • Keys mechanizm
  • Number of multimedia keys
  • Cable length
    1.8 m

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