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Tournaments: HearthStone
17.03 - 17:00 (UTC) Hearthstone Double Elimination #5 Prize:  3132  pts  /  9396  pts   Players:  20


Hearthstone Double Elimination #5
( 17.03.2018 17:00 - 17:15 )(UTC)
17:15 - 17.03.2018 (UTC)
 pts 3132
 pts 9396

Tournament will be streamed on


We use STANDARD decks here!

The tournament is free for all

It's on EU servers

The main prize of tournament are 7 Kobolds and Catacombs Packs. In addition, if you are an user of premium account you can win points to be exchanged for prizes.

If there is not a minimum amount of 32 participants in the tournament, the main reward will be points instead of packs. (points for everyone)

Remember about few rules:

We play in double elimination system so if you loose once, you can still win. If you loose twice - you are eliminated from tournament.

All matches are in BO3 format (you have to win 2 games)

Semifinals and finals are in BO5 format!

In case of conflict take SCREENSHOTS after every match

If you create a conflict on purpose or you don't select the match result, you will not get any prize/points

Players choose 3 classes. After that your opponent has to ban 1 class from your chosen ones (Example: If you picked: Mage, Druid and Priest. Your opponent has to ban 1 from these 3 picks). If it's semifinals or finals players choose 4 classes (also 1 ban).

Winning class cannot be used again in the same match with the same opponent!

Be patient and follow the ladder perhaps your opponent is still playing

More informations in terms and conditions of tournament

We wish you good luck!

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Terms & Conditions

  1. The following Tournament Rules (abbreviated "Rules") apply to the Hearthstone tournament.
  2. The organizer of the tournament is
  3. Tournament takes place on EU server.
  4. All prizes of the tournament are shown in the description. In addition, if you are an user of premium account you can win points to be exchanged for prizes. Quantity of prizes depends on actually playing individuals, not only signed up.
  5. Prizes will be sent maximum 14 days after tournament.
  6. Ranking points will be given to all players. The amount of ranking points will depend on the number of teams in the tournament and the place taken.
  7. 1024 is the maximum amount of players for the tournament.
  8. Each player participating in the Tournament is obliged to familiarize himself with the Rules and to follow them. Joining the tournament is equivalent to acceptance of the Terms and Conditions.
  9. In case of breaking Tournament Rules, player or team will be penalized by the Organizer. Penalties may include loss of potential prizes or points.
  10. Participation in the Tournament is open and free to anyone registered on the site. Players can not be banned in the game.
  11. Multiaccount will be romoved from the tournament
  12. The dates of the tournaments are established by the organizers and must be strictly observed. Delays over 10 minutes will result in an automatic loss of participating team.
  13. User name provided when entering the tournament must fit with user’s nickname on platform. Otherwise, you should update the battletag in your user profile at
  14. A player who leaves a duel or is disconnected from game loses the duel.
  15. Tournament is run in 'double elimination' system. It means that after one loss, player drops into certain round of 'losers bracket'. Winner of 'losers bracket' will play in finals with winner of 'winners bracket'.
  16. Duels are played in best of 3 format.
  17. Finals are in best of 5 format. Winning class cannot be used again in the same match with the same opponent!
  18. The maps on which the duels are played are predetermined and listed in the tournament description.
  19. The game room is created by the player who is set up higher in the ladder and invites his opponent.
  20. In single match, you can't use same hero if you've already won with it.
  21. Tournament is in Standard Mode
  22. You cannot change your deck during the tournament.
  23. In the "MATCH" tab there is chat to communicate between players. There is also possibility to report any conflicts that have occured.
  24. It is obligatory to take screenshots of victory or defeat in order to confirm match result.
  25. In order for our system to confirm your presence on website you need to write any message on chat in each room.
  26. After the duel is finished, every player is obliged to fill out the result of the match truthfully. If the result is not filled out or intentionally filled out incorrectly, points to be exchanged for prizes and ranking points will not be granted to the initiator of the conflict. In addition, creating the conflict result in getting a yellow card. Remember that getting two yellow cards will result in exclusion from the tournaments for another week.
  27. If there's a conflict occuring, player must upload the screenshot by clicking the "Upload the screenshot" button.
  28. Players start their duel at the time they meet their opponent.
  29. Using in game chat to annoy /insult opponent is forbidden.
  30. Conscious bug exploiting in the game will result in giving the opponent a walkover.
  31. Using any program providing advantage during the game is prohibited.
  32. Any programs or modifications that change the original game are prohibited.
  33. All activities that may infringe copyright and property of the game publisher are prohibited.
  34. As forbidden are considered in particular:
        *using any game bugs
        *using cheat programs and modifications
        *Unsportsmanlike behavior such as vulgarisms, provocations, behavior incompatible with generally understood social norms directed against other participants of the event   
        All of above will result in getting a walkover for the opponent.
  35. Minimum number players to begin tournament is 4. If that amount isn't reached tournament will be cancelled.
  36. The organizer will do his best to ensure the correct course of the tournament.
  37. The Organizer is not responsible for problems with the tournament, if they occur as a result of events beyond the Organizer's control and events that they could not foresee or could not prevent.
  38. The organizer reserves the right to change the rules of procedure.
  39. All disputes not included in the rules of procedure shall be decided exclusively by the organizer or administrator.
  40. The Regulations come into force on the date of publication.


Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 121
Round 122
Round 131
Round 132
Round 141
Round 142
Round 151
Round 152


3 (13764pts) Ranking position:
2 (14840pts) Ranking position:
485 (228pts) Ranking position:
29 (4160pts) Ranking position:
47 (2820pts) Ranking position:
113 (1452pts) Ranking position:
735 (75pts) Ranking position:
632 (115pts) Ranking position:
85 (1810pts) Ranking position:
152 (1050pts) Ranking position:
56 (2608pts) Ranking position:
1127 (20pts) Ranking position:
302 (524pts) Ranking position:
134 (1200pts) Ranking position:
947 (30pts) Ranking position:
548 (140pts) Ranking position:
277 (590pts) Ranking position:

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